Tuesday, January 15, 2008


At Eyered Transcription Services we specialize in providing high quality medical transcription services that exceed client expectations every time. Each assignment undergoes a series of stringent quality checks which assures a high quality end product.

Our transcription processes

With a 12 hour turnaround time and a 360 degree feedback option, our medical transcription services remain one of the best in the industry. We have a dedicated team of highly experience medical transcribers who have been in the industry for several years now. We provide our clients with two flexible options for dictation – one through the telephone (which works best for clients who do not have Internet access) and via handheld digital voice recorders. Both these mechanisms enable our clients to easily record dictation from virtually anywhere at any point of time. These voice files then are sent to us either via FTP or VPN or email to Eyered Transcription Services. These files get loaded onto our dedicated Eyered server after which files get distributed to designated medical transcribers. No matter which particular medical stream your organization belongs to, whether radiology or ophthalmology or any other stream, you can be assured of high quality transcription services.

Proofreading and quality assurance

Once the transcription process ends, the transcribed files are sent to our dedicated team of proofreaders. Our proofreading teams are highly specialized and have several years of experience in this segment. After an iterative cycle of proofreading the files then are sent to the Quality Assurance team where all files are scrutinized to ensure they meet all the quality parameters. We ensure 100% client confidentiality as can be seen from our strict adherence to HIPAA regulations. All files follow stringent security systems along with encryption options. We also have high security systems which prevent any unauthorized access or violation of information. All these measures followed at Eyered Transcription Services ensure that confidentiality is strictly adhered to. Visit us at www.eyeredtranscription.com for more details on our services.

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Good reference regarding medical coding and its many terms, which are only known to doctors and medical professionals.