Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Medical transcription is much more than mere transcription of dictation sessions between doctor and patient. It is a highly complex process that involves skill, expertise and accuracy. Even a small error can make a vast difference to the project. That’s why we at Eyered Transcription Services believe in providing you with 100% high quality, structured medical transcription services that exceed your expectations – everytime.

How we work

Our attention to process-driven work methods ensures a superior end solution to all of our clients. As soon as we receive a recorded version of the transcript, it is routed via email or FTP or VPN to our dedicated Eyered server. Then all the files are distributed amongst our dedicated medical transcription specialists. After transcription, the documents are sent for proofreading, after which they go through stringent quality control. After an iterative process of quality checks and rechecks the final transcribed files are transferred via email or FTP or VPN to the client. Every stage in this process is marked by definite turnaround times and deadlines. We never miss deadlines and always deliver before time.

Diverse niches

No matter which niche sub-vertical you are dedicated to – whether it is oncology, gynaecology or orthopedics or any specialized segment, we at Eyered Transcription Services can help you accomplish superior medical transcription services. We have two flexible options as far as dictation alternatives go. We offer both handheld digital voice recording which is suitable for clients who have a computer and internet connection. We also offer clients dictation by means of telephone. Our toll-free phone number helps accomplish this easily. No matter which procedure is used for recording purposes, all voice files are then routed to designated transcribers as per skill sets and competencies. Our stringent quality checks and thorough proofreading methods ensure a high quality end product that always exceeds expectations.

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