Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Our in-depth expertise in medical transcription services coupled with our stringent adherence to high quality levels, enables us at Eyered Transcription Services to offer all our clients with 100% superior transcription services.

Variety of formats

No matter which segment of the medical stream you belong to, whether it is gynaecology, or psychiatry or even cardiology we at Eyered Transcription Services provide you with best-in-breed solutions. We have dedicated teams who specialize in their respective segment and it is this approach that enables us to provide you with winning solutions everyday. We provide our medical transcripted files in a variety of formats right from MS Word 2000 to Word Perfect to even simple Textual format. Once the files are transcribed in any of the above mentioned formats, these files are then routed to the client either through email, VPN or FTP.

International standards

Based out of India, we at Eyered Transcription Services provide you superior medical transcription services which are at par with any international medical transcription service company. We have never slipped on deadlines and strictly adhere to a 12 hour turnaround at every stage of the process cycle. Our easy and flexible dictation options via digital recorders and telephone enable our clients to experience a hassle-free dictation mechanism. Our seamless processes, coupled with our adherence to quality assurance checks, enable a high quality medical transcription service. All of our medical transcription services are in strict accordance with HIPAA regulations. This enables us to maintain data integrity and doctor patient confidentiality. At no cost is this violated as we have highly secure systems and infrastructure in place which prevents any unauthorized access or modification to data. All backup and database systems follow a secure encryption system. We also ensure that all personnel of Eyered Transcription Services who have access to confidential client data have signed NDAs with us. These persons are also duly authorized with appropriate clearances.

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Trans Solutions was conceived to take up projects in Medical, Legal & General Transcription allied with Software development services. We are based in New Delhi, India which is renowned for its highly skilled and efficient human resource pool offering quality services all over the world.

We offer quality solutions at affordable cost through our highly efficient processes and exceptionally skilled professionals. Quality has always been the top priority at Trans Solutions. We believe in cultivating a work environment that motivates and encourages an individual to push his limits with constant learning and updation of skills, while being a true team player ready to walk an extra mile to achieve a common goal.

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