Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Our continual dedication to imbibing best practices in the industry, coupled with our regular technical evaluations, make us your trusted expert in all medical transcription services. At Eyered Transcription Services we assure you of high quality services that always surpass client expectations.

Quality assurance

At Eyered Transcription Services we have a dedicated team of Quality Assurance specialists who continuously monitor the quality and standards of all medical transcribed files. Our processes in medical transcription all have a 12 hour turnaround time which is always strictly adhered to. We can cater to all sub-verticals in the medical stream – whether it be oncology, orthopedics or even gastroenterology. A thorough proof reading of all transcribed files, coupled with a dedicated approach to quality checks ensures a best-in-breed solution. We also have a 360 degree feedback mechanism using which clients can provide us with their valuable suggestions and feedback. This is also used internally for all reviews and performance evaluations.

Security and data integrity

At Eyered Transcription Services we never compromise on the confidentiality of data. We realize that all interactions between doctor and patient are meant to be highly confidential and hence we ensure highly secure systems in our facility. Only authorized personnel at Eyered Transcription Services who possess the appropriate clearances and who have signed NDAs with us, are allowed to access client documents and data. Besides this, we constantly evaluate the security of our infrastructure and facilities. All database and backup systems use encryption technology. Even each of our client data transfers between computers is transmitted via encryption technology. We have a robust emergency contingency plan which facilitates disaster recovery and continuity of all operations. Adherence to such stringent parameters ensures that all of your data always remains secure and accessible – anytime and anywhere. Visit us at www.eyeredtranscription.com for more details on our services.

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Medical Transcription Services said...

This kind of blog are always inspiring me and i am glad that i came across your post. well written!

360 degree feedback system said...

360 degree feedback is a system in which reviews are taken form specific individuals of every branch to get valuable suggestions and performance evaluations, 360 degree feedback system.