Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Defective Child Safety Seats

There's no doubt that children's safety is every parent's highest priority. Placing your children in child safety seats is the best way to protect them while on the road. There are times, however, that child safety seats fail to properly protect children, resulting in their injury. Defects of child safety seats include ineffective seat buckles, faulty harnesses, and even defective padding in some cases. Studies show that around 82% of all child safety seats are installed incorrectly because of confusing instructions. Child safety seats that are improperly installed have the potential to cause your child serious injury and possible death. In other cases, the car seat was properly installed, but the slot meant to attach the child safety seat to the car is too weak and breaks when the car is in a collision. The part of the child safety seat that is meant to hold your child in place may also be defective and cause the child to slip out of the car seat during a collision.

Although the Consumer Product Safety Commission regulate child safety seats, defective seats still manage to make it onto the shelves of popular retail stores. Over the years, thousands of these defective child safety seats have been sold, leading to numerous recalls and lawsuits. It is very important to report any incidence of defective child safety seats. Not only will your lawsuit open the manufacturers eyes to the fact that their product is defective, but it may save another child from being injured from the same brand of defective child safety seat.

Finding an experienced lawyer to help you through the complex legal process is the first step in filing a lawsuit. A licensed attorney has the skills to be able to effectively evaluate your specific situation in order to advise you on whether or not filing a defective child safety seat lawsuit is the right choice for you. Large companies and manufacturers can be difficult to fight in court because they have widespread resources in order to turn the case in their favor. Proving the negligence of the company must occur for your lawsuit to be valid. A company may be negligent for a variety of reasons including failing to inspect or test the safety seat, failure to recognize a flaw in the child safety seat's design, or failing to warn parents of the potential risks involved in using the safety seat. Consulting a skilled attorney will give you the legal muscle you need to win a defective child safety seat lawsuit.

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